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Currently, all Pennsylvania counties are in the "Green" phase of re-opening. Masks are required.

Resources are also available through NADA at  

If you have questions regarding your dealership’s situation, please call

PAA at 717-255-8311 or email

OSHA Guidance (See PAA News Bulletin 3 2/12/21)

The complete guidance is available online at
Like other OSHA guidance published in the last year, this guidance is not mandatory and creates no legal obligations; however, OSHA has considered an employer’s good faith efforts to comply with safety and health standards and guidance when determining whether to cite a violation.

Webinar Recordings:

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PPP Loan Forgiveness - June 11 [RECORDING]

​PPP Loan Forgiveness - May 21 [RECORDING]

PPP Loan Forgiveness Process Webinar - April 23, 2020 [RECORDING]

Federal Legislation COVID-19 Overview - April 3 [Recording]

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