LotLinx - AI-Powered Digital Marketing Solutions

LotLinx is the industry’s #1 Automotive /AI/™ for digital marketing. LotLinx “VIN-specific™” campaigns help dealers sell more cars faster by delivering low-funnel, in-market shoppers to real-time inventory.

Our revolutionary approach to audience targeting dramatically increases website engagement and eliminates waste, which translates to higher margins and lower advertising costs.


On average, dealers running on LotLinx /AI/ enjoy up to 2.5x more VDP engagements, 2-5x higher VDP conversions, and 78% faster inventory turn - all while saving up to 85% in advertising costs per sold VIN.

LotLinx helps dealers with:

➔Achieving sales goals by aligning marketing strategies with their monthly objectives

➔Solving inventory problems and attracting shoppers for even the most stubborn VINs

➔Drawing a clear line of campaign success with unbiased data from Google Analytics

Dealers across brand and across the country are benefitting from - and recommending - the revolutionary LotLinx /AI/ platform, which empowers dealers to assess their inventory, then build tailored campaigns that send purchase-ready shoppers directly to their VDPs.

To put the power of LotLinx /AI/ to work for your dealership’s sales today, visit lotlinx.com/PAA

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