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Telecom Advisors Group, Inc. has been helping dealerships in the design and selection of telecommunications systems and services for the past 20 years.  Founded in 1996, we’ve helped over 1,458 Clients in a total of 37 states.  In every situation, we’ve saved our Clients money and have found ways to decrease their monthly expenses.  Our promise to you is to make sure you install the best system from the best vendor at the best price. 
In addition, in many cases it’s possible to find enough savings in monthly telecom charges to pay for the new system…we’ve done it many times.
Telecom Advisors Group’s process includes all steps as shown below and was designed to ensure that the final system recommendation is perfect for each particular dealership location.


Specification and RFP

  • - Review telecommunications requirements for the new system.

  • - Develop specifications for the new system.

  • - Develop bidders list of vendors in the local area.

  • - Draft “Request for Proposal” (RFP).

  • - Distribute RFP to Vendors.

  • - Develop specifications and search for new service provider for “dial tone” and bandwidth.

  • - Review vendor proposals and recommend “short list”.

Selection of Vendor

  • - Coordinate vendor system demonstrations.

  • - Solicit additional pricing discounts from final list of vendors.

  • - Make formal recommendation of successful vendor.

  • - Review and negotiate contract terms for new system.

Installation Coordination

  • - Coordinate installation of any new facilities.

  • - Coordinate installation of the new phone system.

  • - Certify installation and call flows


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