FedEx - Shipping Discounts

Preferred Provider for All your Overnight Shipping Needs

 50% Discount Applies

to Priority Overnight  and Standard Overnight


45% Discount Applies to 2-day 

If you have an existing account with FedEx, simply email the FedEx account number to Ryan Colwell at and he will link it to the new PAA discount plan. This is all you need to do providing you have a current FedEx account. Within a few days, your new rate will be available.

If you need to establish a FedEx account number, please follow the instructions below:


1. To get a FedEx Account number, simply call 800-463-3339, push “0” for a live customer service representative and ask to have a new account set up! This can usually be done in minutes! Please have a credit card available, just in case you are asked for it. Most new accounts are started with a credit card and migrated to paper invoices after 90-days!


2. Email your new account number BEFORE SHIPPING to:  so it can be linked to the NEW PAA discount plan! Within a few days, your new rate will be available. If you do not email  Ryan Colwell at your account number, it will not be linked to the new rate structure.

For more information on PAA Partnership Programs, contact Allison Mitchell.  

Phone:  1-800-242-3745  ext 3361


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