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Legislative Advocacy

One of PAA’s primary roles is working with the General Assembly and the Governor’s Administration to ensure that legislation that is signed into law positively affects PAA’s dealer members. 

Not all legislative initiatives impacting dealers are initiated by PAA.

A variety of bills are introduced each legislative session, and PAA is routinely confronted with the need to engage with the General Assembly regarding legislation that is contrary to dealers' interest.


PAA hosts a Legislative Committee Meeting each March. Dealers are encouraged to communicate industry issues and legislative suggestions to PAA's Legislative Team.


PAA's Legislative Team


John Devlin


ext. 3336


Mark Stine

Executive Vice President

Legislative & Public Affairs

ext. 3362


Chad Marsar

Vice President

Legal & Regulatory Affairs

ext. 3379

Keys to a Successful Legislative Session

1.  Know Your Legislators: Get to know your local legislators. If you do not know who your legislators are, visit Find My Legislator  today.
2.  Know the PAA Legislative Agenda: It is important to know the issues that affect your business. Stay current by reading PAA News Bulletins, watching post-meeting videos, and attending Regional Meetings.
3.  Respond to PAA Call-to-Actions: From time-to-time, PAA sends out member alerts asking you to contact your local legislators to voice support or opposition for a bill. Update your email address by contacting 
Melanie Stine or call 1-800-242-3745 ext 3327.

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