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PAA celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019.  Each dealership is an integral part of the PAA story as so many generations of dealers have been active PAA members.

The PAA Story

Throughout the years, car dealers with their love of selling automobiles, played a key role in the success of the automotive industry and in the shaping of Pennsylvania's communities.  PAA and its dealer members have experienced many major milestones over the past 100 years. The PAA Story was printed in a hardback, commemorative book and provided to each dealership in Pennsylvania.  It contained pictures submitted by dealerships across the state and celebrated the many leaders who shaped the association. 


To request a copy of the book, contact Melanie Stine at


Video Series

100 Year Video: Complete Series

100 Year Video: Episode 1

Formation and Leadership

100 Year Video: Episode 3

1950s to 1980

100 Year Video: Episode 2

1920s to 1950

100 Year Video: Episode 4

1980s to 2000

100 Year Video: Episode 5

2000s to 2019

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