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Online Notary Training

PAA offers the mandated Rulona-compliant 3-hour basic and advanced notary courses online for members and non-members of PAA.  PAA members cost is $99.00 and non-members is $119.00.
The courses are self-paced so that you can go in and out of the courses as much as needed.  However, once you begin the final test you must complete the entire test before exiting the system.  The courses are available 24/7.  The course manuals are available to print at the beginning of each course.
Once you complete the course, PAAIA will send you the certificate of completion along with the notary application. PAAIA also has a notary service that you may utilize to process your notary application and secure your required bond and notary stamp.  The cost of the notary service is $139, which includes your bond, state application fee and official stamp.
Please click here to register for the PAA Notary Course.


For more information on Online Notary Training provided by PAA's Training and Compliance Department, contact Becky Ross at 717-255-8311, ext. 3319.

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