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Compliance Reviews

Hundreds of dealers have saved thousands of dollars due to PAA's six compliance reviews:  

-  Sales Process -- Examines many of the elements that are involved with vehicle sales, including PennDOT, Dealer Licensing Board, Attorney General, and Department of Banking requirements and regulations.  

-  Privacy & Safeguarding -- Reviews dealership safeguarding manual, policies and procedures to establish compliance with the FTC Safeguards Rule.  

-  Sales and Use Tax -- Examines the dealership's records regarding sales and use tax reporting to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.  

-  8300 Cash Reporting -- Reviews dealership records to determine compliance with the IRS cash reporting requirements.  

-  Motor Vehicle Sales Finance -- Examines the dealerships sales financing documents to assess compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking regulations.  

Click here for a printable brochure.

For more information on Compliance Reviews provided by PAA's Training and Compliance Department, contact Becky Ross at 717-255-8311, ext. 3319.

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