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 Dealer of the Year

PAA/PTD is looking to its membership to help nominate the next Time Dealer of the Year and Truck Dealer of the Year Award Nominees.


To be considered for selection as the Dealer of the Year, a nominee must:

• Be a franchised truck dealer;

• Be a member of the NADA/ATD;

• Be a member of a state dealer association and, if applicable, a local association;

• Be the actual operating head of the dealership as designated in the franchise paragraph of the factory agreement, or the owner’s designated agent with full authority for business operations for a minimum of one year with recognition by the sponsoring dealer association as the dealership’s voting representative;

• Have a presence in the dealership offices, during at least 60% of business hours, actively managing the dealership;

• Have at least a five-year record of active participation in affairs of the nominee’s state or local dealer association; and

• Agree to be available for participation in Dealer of the Year activity during the year following selection.

Dealer of the Year Nomination

Thanks for submitting!

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