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Electric Vehicle Incentives for Customers:
  • State Electric Vehicle Rebate

    • Consumers can apply and receive a rebate after purchasing an electric vehicle

    • Find instructions and apply at:   - submit no later than 6 months from date of purchase

  • Federal tax credit

    • Consumers can receive a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500 after they purchase an electric vehicle

  • Electric utility rebates

    • PECO and Duquesne Light electricity customers can receive credits for purchasing an electric vehicle​​

All electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are able to charge from a regular

wall outlet. 


For faster charging, install a charger at home

or find public charging options near you.

Charging in Pennsylvania
and on the Road

Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Programs for PA Auto Dealers:
  • Level 2 Charging Equipment Rebate program

    • Open continuously, all eligible projects are awarded a rebate

    • Must install at least two level 2 charging plugs for the same use purpose

    • Charging plugs installed inside a maintenance area or showroom are not eligible

    • DC fast charging plugs are not eligible

    • Plugs that are available for public use and networked are eligible for higher rebate amounts

    • Must submit an application before beginning on-site installation

  • Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant program

    • Competitive grant program, awards are not guaranteed

    • Opens for a few months each year, typically in spring or summer

    • Eligible projects include:

      • Incremental cost of electric fleet vehicles

      • Level 2 or DC fast charging equipment for fleet vehicle use

    • Must submit an application and wait for an award notification before beginning on-site charging installation

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