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KPA provides comprehensive consulting services, EHS, HR, and F&I compliance software, and award-winning training to help dealerships maintain a safe workplace, protect their reputation, and reduce costs. KPA’s expert consultants help dealerships proactively identify risks and stay current on evolving safety, labor, and industry-specific regulations. With KPA’s solutions, dealerships can easily manage risk across the business, from the showroom, to the sales desk, to the service department.



Backed by decades of automotive industry experience, KPA’s expert consultants highlight potential safety issues, recommend preventive actions, provide customized training, and develop written programs so your dealership remains safe and compliant with federal and state regulatory requirements. KPA’s F&I consultants conduct thorough deal jacket audits, inventory inspections, and customer information privacy reviews.



With Vera Suite, dealerships have one place to manage EHS, HR, and Sales F&I processes. Dealers use our software platform to identify issues, implement corrective actions, and manage compliance with EHS regulations, including those related to COVID-19. HR Managers streamline workforce management and track HR compliance throughout the employee lifecycle. And the F&I department uses KPA to track inspection results, manage policies, and deliver online training.



KPA offers an online training library with 300+ courses designed to help employees improve their performance on the job and meet regulatory requirements. The courses are based on real examples and span topics including EHS, HR, F&I, Cybersecurity, and COVID-19. Give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to work productively and avoid risks.


With thousands of clients nationwide, KPA is THE trusted safety and compliance partner for the automotive industry.


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