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Miller Environmental Group (MEG) has been providing the Automotive Industry with environmental solutions for over 5 decades. Now with a new commitment to the industry through our partnership with the PAA, MEG has created a specific set of solutions to make the process simple for if/when you need our services.



With one call, they'll help your dealership with all environmental and facility maintenance needs including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

    • 2-4 hour response times

  • Site Remediation

    • Phase I, II, III

    • Tank Cleaning & Pulls

  • Waste Transportation & Disposal

    • Containerized Waste

    • Waste Gas / Diesel Disposal

    • Waste Absorbent

    • Contaminated Soil Remediation

  • Industrial Cleaning

    • Oil Water Separator Cleanings

    • Shop Floor Drain Cleanouts

  • Facility Maintenance

    • On-going maintenance: Weekly, Monthly, Annually

    • General Cleaning: Parking Lots



Integrity, reliability and experience make MEG the easy one-stop solution for dealers like you - so you can keep your business moving.

  • A dedicated point of contact , 24/7

  • Access to personnel & equipment from 6 operation centers covering Pennsylvania

  • A commitment from us that your job will be completed on time & on budget

  • Their work is always done with safety and compliance as the #1 priority

  • Their team is prepared 24/7 emergency situations, with a 2-4 hour response time

  • Projects or maintenance work is scheduled when convenient for you



Please contact their Director of Business Development Directly at

631-655-3516 or via email at


Visit their website for additional details:


For more information on PAA Partnership Programs, contact Allison Mitchell.  

Phone:  1-800-242-3745  ext 3361


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