PAA Regional Managers

PAA Regional Managers are the dealers' conduit to PAA's services.  The following individuals travel to dealerships in their respective areas to answer dealer questions, promote partnership programs and insurance plans, and keep the Association informed of dealer concerns.

PAA Regional Managers

Darren Miller


PHONE: 717-439-8693
FAX: 717-236-1498

Deni Cecco


PHONE: 717-678-2675
FAX: 717-236-1498

Matt Rhodes


PHONE: 717-773-6855
FAX: 717-255-8343

Tara Shaffer


PHONE: 717-648-1489
FAX: 717-236-1498

Deb Shoemaker


PHONE: 717-319-1816
FAX: 717-236-1498