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Sunoco - Fuel Cost Savings

If you’re in charge of managing vehicles for your business, you’re already familiar with the amount of money and time it takes to do so each day. You know that fuel can often be a major drain on your operational budget. To keep your bottom line in line, it’s important to closely monitor and contain the fuel costs of your company vehicles. For large and small fleets alike, doing so requires the right information presented in the right way. It requires in-depth transaction data, greater flexibility and controls that are much tighter than those that bank card alternatives can provide.

One of the most significant advantages a proprietary commercial fuel card offers over a credit card is its custom-built network, which can provide highly granular data on individual transactions—a must for today’s cost-conscious fleet manager. It means the data cap­tured with every secure card swipe can be tailored specifically to meet your needs – needs that can differ significantly from the needs of a standard consumer.


It’s why we at PAA strongly recommend that fleet managers like you take advantage of a valuable PAA member benefit: the Pennsylvania Automotive Association Fleet Fuel Program featuring Sunoco UltratechTM Fuel. This benefit is designed to give you the control you need to effectively manage your company vehicles and significantly streamline your business fueling costs.


While you look to better quantify exactly what you want and need to achieve, for instance:

• Enhancing fleet productivity and operational efficiency

• Cutting down on fraudulent or inappropriate spending by their drivers

• Capturing the data necessary for compliance and/or detailed reporting

…you can rely on the PAA Fleet Fuel Program to help you build an effective fleet management strategy and make critical decisions, including which data needs to be tracked, how to adjust driver behavior and/or vehicle usage, and how to best implement new policies.

Even better? Because of the collective buying power of our association, you’ll automatically receive Sunoco’s top fuel rebate on every gallon of fuel that you purchase at Sunoco-branded locations, regardless of which card you choose for your business:

  • 6¢ off every gallon purchased at Sunoco with the SunTrak® card – the ideal solution for businesses near Sunoco stations that want to maximize fuel and fleet management savings; or

  • 6¢ off every gallon at Sunoco with the Sunoco Universal card – the card option for fleets that want to optimize savings and also have the freedom to fuel almost anywhere across the U.S.


Whether your business has one vehicle or many, the control, convenience, fuel savings and flexibility that come with the PAA Fleet Fuel Card Program are unparalleled.

For more information on PAA Partnership Programs, contact Allison Mitchell.  

Phone:  1-800-242-3745  ext 3361


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