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Dental Insurance

Basic Program

A calendar year deductible of $25 per person ($50 annual per family) applies before benefits become payable at 100% of the maximum allowable charge (MAC). Basic and preventative dental services, such as exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, simple extractions and root canals are covered up to a maximum of $1,500 per person per calendar year. United Concordia participating dentists in Pennsylvania will accept payment for eligible services as payment in full (minus the deductible)


Dental Program Basic Information

Dental & Vision Monthly Rates (all counties)

Full Program


In addition to basic benefits, this option also covers oral surgery and periodontal services at 100% MAC. Prosthetics, crowns, inlay and onlay restorations are also covered at 80% MAC. The calendar year deductible applies as with the basic plan. The full dental plan also includes a benefit for orthodontics for children only. Benefits are paid at 50% up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 per child.


Dental Program Full Information

Dental & Vision Monthly Rates (all counties)

For more information, call 1-800-222-8712, email PAA Insurance, or contact your Regional Manager.

PAA Regional Managers


Darren Miller


PHONE: 717-439-8693
FAX: 717-236-1498


Deni Cecco


PHONE: 717-678-2675
FAX: 717-236-1498


Tara Shaffer


PHONE: 717-648-1489
FAX: 717-236-1498


Matt Rhodes


PHONE: 717-773-6855
FAX: 717-255-8343


Mark Johnson


PHONE: 717-743-5208
FAX: 717-255-8343


Deb Shoemaker


PHONE: 717-319-1816
FAX: 717-236-1498

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