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Section 125

Through American Fidelity Assurance Company, PAA provides installation

of Section 125 plans. Under Section 125, the employees' portion of insurance

premiums can be purchased with pre-tax dollars, lowering the employees' federal

withholding, state, local and FICA taxes. The employer also saves matching FICA

taxes. The most important aspects of setting up payroll under Section 125 are proper

documentation, regular reviews and updates. American Fidelity is PAA's recommended administrator for Section 125, providing all necessary documents and services at no additional cost to association members.




American Fidelity Web Site

For more information, call 1-800-222-8712, email PAA Insurance, or contact your Regional Manager.

PAA Regional Managers


Darren Miller

PHONE: 717-439-8693
FAX: 717-236-1498


Deni Cecco

PHONE: 717-678-2675
FAX: 717-236-1498


Matt Rhodes

PHONE: 717-773-6855
FAX: 717-255-8343


Tara Shaffer

PHONE: 717-648-1489
FAX: 717-236-1498


Deb Shoemaker

PHONE: 717-319-1816
FAX: 717-236-1498

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